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A wondrous blue of summer sky,
A dream of fair, sweet weather;
A floating cloud-band airily
Joined hand in hand together.


A rippling sea of upland grass,
By the daisy foam flecked over,
A fleet of butterflies sailing past
To anchor in the clover;


A gay flotilla on fairy wing,
By the summer breeze tossed brightly,
For the butterfly will is a fickle thing,
And his fancy changeth lightly.


An oriole with happy wing
Above her nested darlings;
In mother-pride all quivering
To tell her neighbor starlings.


A leaning wall of willow green,
A glimpse of shining river,
A wild-rose hedge--all, all has been
And will again forever!


O summer vision, flushed anew!
O morn of fair, sweet weather!
Life is still young and love is true,
And both divine together!