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  1. Ben-Ammi and the Fairies, by John Godfrey Saxe

  2. The Dance of the Fairies, by Robert Elliott Gonzales

  3. The Discovery, by Paul Laurence Dunbar

  4. Faery Land, by John Imlah

  5. The Fairies, by Arthur Guiterman

  6. The Fairy and the Firefly, by Don Marquis

  7. Fairyland, by Edgar Allan Poe

  8. The Fairy Ring, by Elizabeth Keller

  9. FĂȘte ChampĂȘtre, by Arthur Symons

  10. The Hosting of the Sidhe, by W. B. Yeats

  11. If Fairies But Lived, by Anne S. Bushby

  12. Lilian, by Alfred Tennyson

  13. Lullaby For a Baby Fairy, by Joyce Kilmer

  14. Of Certain Irish Fairies, by Arthur Guiterman

  15. The Snow Fairy, by Claude McKay

  16. Spoils of the Dead, by Robert Frost

  17. A Strike in Fairyland, by Arthur Guiterman