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A blaze of glory, or a demon wild,
A phantom dark, or angel child,
A blessing sweet, or curse most dire,
A chilling blast, or scorching fire,
A wave so wild on storm-tossed sea,
An inland lake of mystery.


A meteor flashing through the sky,
A bird who sinks to earth to die,
A grief which long in heart hath lain,
A love, a joy, a deep, deep pain,
A coffin, grave, a funeral shroud,
A home, a bride, a black, black cloud.


A blasting wind, a zephyr sweet,
A lurid sky, then storms we meet,
A lion strong, then gentle dove,
A demon hate, or angel's love,
A sob, a tear, a laugh, a smile,
A happy dream which doth beguile.


A faith, an error, unbelief,
A hope, injustice, causing grief,
A paradise, a heaven, a hell,
A pit in which sweet hope must dwell,
A gentle mercy, selfish greed,
A charity, a loving deed.


A thought! Who can define its power?
A thorn it is, a fragrant flower,
A benediction sweet and pure,
A curse which oft we must endure,
A grave, a sepulcher so deep,
Aye filled with bones o'er which we weep.


A hope fulfilled of plans so bright,
A cloudless morn, then darkest night,
A loving heart is thought of bliss,
A gift from heav'n, a mother's kiss,
A wave of murder, rapine, lust,
A friendship pure, in which we trust.


A deed from envious malice wrung,
A song by sweet-voiced seraph sung,
A birth, a death, a mother's prayer--
To save her child, she all will dare--
Her love will cling to him, though he
Should sin throughout eternity.