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There's a yellow rose in Texas
I'm goin' back to see.
No other cowboy loves her
Half as much as me.


She cried so when I left her
It almost broke my heart.
And if we ever meet again
We'll never drift apart.


She's the sweetest rose of color
That Texas ever knew.
Her eyes are like the diamonds
They sparkle like the dew.


You can talk about your Clementine,
And dream of Rosalie,
But the Yellow Rose of Texas
Is the only girl for me.


Oh, now I'm going to find her,
For my heart is full of woe,
And we'll sing the song together,
That we sung long ago;


We'll play the banjo gaily,
And we'll sing the songs of yore,
And the Yellow Rose of Texas
Shall be mine forevermore.