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Oh mother!
How your eyes remember me!
Slither and leech
Into my novice skin.


Once I was a shy pigment
Of you --
In you I nestled.


But you did not protect me
From man.


I used to believe in you,
In your mind;
In your mad fixed eyes.


I saw you suffer and
I see you know
Slowly subside
Like your woman smile
That has corroded from
Mans liquid smell, touch and sight.


You said once we are to die
Before man strikes on us.


But he did!
His sluggish scent now stapled on us.


Your tears are my blood
Your pain my body


I am a dug up rusted
Mirror of you
That was before shattered to forget.


I see you
Hold a gun to your cracked head
Where once those black curls
Of spry passion fell
Onto my first silent smile.


If I would have know
I would have pulled it for you……