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Once in the world's first prime,
When nothing lived or stirred;
Nothing but new-born Time,
Nor was there even a bird--
The Silence spoke to a Star;
But I do not dare repeat
What it said to its love afar,
It was too sweet, too sweet.


But there, in the fair world's youth,
Ere sorrow had drawn breath
When nothing was known but Truth,
Nor was there even death,
The Star to Silence was wed,
And the Sun was priest that day,
And they made their bridal bed
High in the Milky Way.


For the great white star had heard
Her silent lover's speech;
It needed no passionate word
To pledge them each to each.
O lady fair and far
Hear, oh, hear, and apply!
Thou the beautiful Star--
The voiceless Silence, I.