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Love much. Earth has enough of bitter in it.
Cast sweets into its cup whene'er you can.
No heart so hard, but love at last may win it.
Love is the grand primeval cause of man.
All hate is foreign to the first great plan.


Love much. Your heart will be led out to slaughter,
On altars built of envy and deceit.
Love on, love on! 'tis bread upon the water;
It shall be cast in loaves yet at your feet,
Unleavened manna, most divinely sweet.


Love much. Your faith will be dethroned and shaken,
Your trust betrayed by many a fair, false lure.
Remount your faith, and let new trusts awaken.
Though clouds obscure them, yet the _stars_ are pure;
Love is a vital force and must endure.


Love much. Mens' souls contract with cold suspicion:
Shine on them with warm love, and they expand.
'Tis love, not creeds, that form a low condition
Leads mankind up to heights supreme and grand.
Oh, that the world could see and understand!


Love much. There is no waste in freely giving;
More bless├Ęd is it, even, than to receive.
He who loves much, alone finds life worth living,
Love on, through doubt and darkness; and believe
There is no thing which Love may not achieve.