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I look to the depths,
Far, far below,
To crevices, caverns, formed long ago,
To twisting trails,
Ledges steep
Winding rivers with pools so deep.
Under the gaze
Of Wotan’s Throne,
A river of scarlet
steals mammoth stone.
High above,
In heaven’s eye, the Temple of Vishnu,
Guards changing sky.
Mountains greet,
With great surprise,
Cascades of color
With each sunrise.
Golden walls, with lavender hues,
Shades of pink and smoky blues.
Rainbows of stone,
Dance in fading light,
Lengthening shadows,
With the approach of night.
Distant howls echo,
In black skies,
Piercing the silence,
With lonely cries.
Into the depths
Of the purple abyss,
Surrounded by towering
Crimson cliffs.
Showers of turquoise,
Bathe ancient walls,
Sculpting new images
As water falls.
Bright Angel Point,
In creations glory,
From the beginning,
Knew the story,
Of a piece of untamed land,
How it succumbed
To nature’s hand.
Woven by time,
Into glorious form,
Witness to age
And frequent storm.
Beneath an endless sky of change,
The molten earth
Expanded range,
Took over more
Of untouched ground,
Transforming stone
Into craggy mound.
Watchtowers rose
From the silent earth,
Each new creation,
Celebrating its birth.
Below an air of altered shade,
A new foundation
Of world was made.
A brush in hand,
The painter can see,
The miracle of nature
And all it can be.
Trying to capture the beauty
Of age,
Seems impossible with human gauge.
So much to take in,
The eyes try to behold,
An ancient image
Of creation so bold.
Formed by ice and melting snow,
An artist’s canvas,
Sketched long ago.