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I carry you
In my womb
You grow inside of me
In black and white
In Ray-Ban sunglasses
With a two-day beard
And freckles from the Portuguese sun…


You see me
Through a lens
You’re taking pictures
An open photo shoot
Of my insides
You’ve published it on internet
At the press you said:
This woman I love
As I love cats
As I love Weimaraner
As Gareth Pough
As origami…


This woman I love
As a chocolate
As Heineken
As football
This woman I love
As a comic book
As a beach
As a mother
As a mother to my kids
As a mother to all kids
This woman is a mother
She carries me in her womb
I’ve immured myself in there
Like Alien
But she does not give birth?!


This woman is lonesome
This woman is mad!
This woman carries me
But she does not give birth!!!