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There was one of my kin (of another day)
When the Riddle of Life defied her powers,
And her fretted heart rebelled, would say,
"I will go out and look at the flowers."


And after a while--like those who had quaffed
Of the cup that Helen distilled in her bowers,
Returned from the garden, she softly laughed--
"I have been out to look at the flowers!"


My heart is so ill with the growth of ills
The world is sheaving, these harvest hours--
The sword that smites, and the shell that kills,
While Life lies charred 'neath the burning towers!


Nothing to do--it will be as Who wills?
Helpless to aid, how my hurt soul cowers!...
Let me drink of the cup that pure Beauty distills--
I will go out and look at the flowers!