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As I came through the Valley Sleep
(Upon each side a frowning steep),
A dream my weighted steps o'ertook:
"I am the Fear thou wouldst not brook
Through all the hours of light,
But thrust my face from sight,
My whisper from thine ear;
Now close on thee I wait--
Thy secret Fear--
And I foreshadow fate!"


As I came through the Valley Sleep,
Where singing waters hidden creep,
A dream arose and kissed my brow:
"I am the Heart's Desire, whom thou
Wouldst lift no voice to greet,
Nor own me conquering-sweet,
A mounting cordial fire;
I am thy bosom-mate--
Deep Heart's Desire--
And I forshadow fate!"


Whoso comes through the Valley Sleep,
Whether he wakes to laugh or weep,
Meets with no herald from afar,
No warning gleam of natal star;
But, in her regal place,
And with no masking face,
Unhoodwinked and unbought,
Most pure, inviolate,
The lord of thought--
The Soul foreshadows fate!