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O Christ, on this thy natal day,
As oft before, we fain would pray;
And as the bells in laud of thee
Ring joyous over land and sea,
With every feeling sounding back
Along our lives' eventful track
That led from thee, ah, let us dare
To fill our starving souls with prayer.


Give us the passion-conquering might
In every stress to do the right;
And should we fall, as like we may,
Help us to front another day.
Add strengthening light to our weak eyes
For them to view fresh splendors rise,
And see that at our very feet
The richest things may lie complete.


Oh, lift us in thy bless├Ęd arms
Above the fear of loud alarms
To where the flower of courage grows
On hope-crowned heights that duty knows,
Till thrilled with that supporting air,
No longer dreaming of despair,
We shall go on from day to day
Despite all lions in our way.


Oh, give to us such spirit-needs
As teach the scorn of hates and greeds,
And light within our breast the fires
Of wisdom-hearted, high desires;
Of love for all without constraint,
Of love that dares not halt nor faint,
Though it lead us, as it led thee,
Along the road to Calvary.


May we with thee so closely live
As that we freely can forgive,
Although our heart be torn by one
THe best beloved beneath the sun,
And though the friendship built of old
With rarest gems and purest gold
Be prostrate laid, and we remain
In irremediable pain.


O Christ, on this thy holiest day,
Accept our homage as we pray;
Upon us pour thy healing balm,
Till every pulse, serenely calm,
And tuned to love, undaunted beats
With harmony's ambrosial sweets,
While centred in our souls increase
The priceless treasures of thy peace.