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From desert to city, already forgotten new arrivals in Manhattan.


The rumble came deep and steady screeching like machines of Morlocks unsettling for first time street bench sitter


The underground maze not puzzling the night dweller masturbater and gloomy overcoat prisoners,


hiding from howling New York city apparitions of wolves in air vents of bathroom, 13th floor, for the second time


Street visions of Ginsberg in SoHo, I am sleepless and mind lost,


wandering walking with a quarter dollar black plastic bag from laundromat twisting knuckles needing maps


Wide awake in Times Square lights considering month long Canadian nights in the gateway to the rockies


Graceful Chinatown newspaper ballet, dances to subway grate hooded by tobacco smoke in palms of black gloves


and Canal harbours black clad Manhattan Island hipsters with knees greeting leather greeting sheep holding spines


from the remaining winter chill at 5pm evening, like ghosts we are receding


Simulated midair crucifixion in Central Park with upside down squirrels

dancing with dinosaurs on rock tombs of their friends, witnessed the bowing down to Godliness


and strawberries hidden in the imagination of each in the field


Blue blonde by pond the skeletal arms and fingers of trees creeping across the sky spookily


wonder if she's scribbling about her life and what it's all about


I smelt grass down Rambling, felt the warmth between lips and breath of fleeting romance of man and woman in stone enclave


(On the subway from Broadway to Times Square wondered about mystic similarities unknown unnoticed,


they were children they had parents, what do we have in common? The mythic proportions of New York)


Eyes gouged away at grouting between granite rectangular pavement on South Broadway


revealing subterranean time lapse backwards through history


I say goodbye NY while worrying about records in the belly of the Greyhound bound for the Capital


at least I'm not hungover


The Garden State Parkway somehow reminds me that eights are bound to live long and die alone


It doesn't have to be dark to see stars in America, red and white folding over flag poles above spring red fiery amber tips of branches look like flames


national parks and forests are slowly putting their clothes back on after being naked for so long


Turquoise right arm polka dot brunette made inquisitive eyes at Egyptian good luck coin and Aswan octagon over sternum, at chest


I also noticed hers. I want to fold America up into my notebook and take it home.