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From Philoctetes

Come, then, I leave this isle,
And speak my parting words:
Farewell, O roof, long time
My one true guard and friend;
And ye, O nymphs that sport
In waters or in fields;
Strong roar of waves that break
On jutting promontory,
Where oft my head was wet,
(Though hid in far recess,)
With blasts of stormy South;
And oft the mount that bears
The name of Hermes gave
Its hollow, loud lament,
Echoing my stormy woe;
And now, ye streams and fount,
Lykian, where haunt the wolves,
We leave you, leave you now,
Who ne'er had dreamt of this.
Farewell, O Lemnos, girt by waters round,
With fair breeze send me on
Right well, that none may blame,
Where Fate, the mighty, leads,
Counsel of friends, and God,
Who worketh this in might invicible.