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"Some think my kisses too luxurious told,
"Kisses! they say, not known to sires of old:
"But, while entranc'd on thy soft neck I lie,
"And o'er thy lips in tender transport die,
"Shall I then ask, dear Life! perplex'd in vain,
"Why rigid Cynics censure thus my strain?
"Ah, no! thy blandishments so rapt'rous prove,
"That every ravish'd sense is lost in love;
"Blest with those blandishments, divine I seem,
"And all Elysium paints the blissful dream."
Neæra heard;--then, smiling, instant threw
Around my neck her arm of fairest hue;
And kiss'd me fonder, more voluptuous far,
Than Beauty's Queen e'er kiss'd the God of War:
"What! (cries the nymph) and shall my am'rous bard
"Pedantic wisdom's stern decree regard?
"Thy cause must be at my tribunal tried,
"None but Neæra can the point decide."