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In various Kisses various charms I find,
For changeful fancy loves each changeful kind:
Whene'er with mine thy humid lips unite,
Then humid Kisses with their sweet delight;
From ardent lips so ardent Kisses please,
For glowing transports often spring from these.
What joy! to kiss those eyes that wanton rove,
Then catch the glances of returning love;
Or clinging to the cheek of crimson glow,
The bosom, shoulder, or the neck of snow,
What pleasure! tender passion to assuage,
And see the traces of our am'rous rage
On the soft neck or blooming cheek exprest,
'Twixt yielding lips, in ev'ry thrilling kiss,
To dart the trembling tongue--what matchless bliss!
Inhaling-sweet each other's mingling breath,
While Love lies gasping in the arms of death!
While soul with soul in ecstasy unites,
Intranc'd, impassion'd with the fond delights!
From the receiv'd, or giv'n to thee, my Love!
Alike to me those kisses grateful prove;
The kiss that's rapid, or prolong'd with art,
The fierce, the gentle, equal joys impart.
But mark;--be all my kisses, beauteous Maid!
With diff'rent kisses from thy lips repaid;
Then varying raptures shall from either flow,
As varying kisses either shall bestow:
And let the first, who with an unchang'd kiss
Shall cease to thus diversify the bliss,
Observe, with looks in meek submission dress'd,
That law by which this forfeiture's express'd:
"As many kisses as each lover gave,
"As each might in return again receive,
"so many kisses, from the vanquish'd side,
"The victor claims, so many ways applied."