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Kisses told by Hundreds o'er!
Thousands told by Thousands more!
Millions! countless Millions! then
Told by Millions o'er again!
Countless! as the drops that glide
In the Ocean's billowy tide,
Countless! as yon orbs of light
Spangled o'er the vault of Night,
I'll with ceaseless love bestow
On those Cheeks of crimson glow,
On those Lips of gentle swell,
On those Eyes where raptures dwell.


But when circled in thy arms,
As I'm panting o'er thy charms,
O'er thy Cheeks of rosy bloom,
O'er thy lips that breathe perfume,
O'er thine eyes so sweetly-bright,
Shedding soft-expressive light;
Then, nor Cheeks of rosy bloom,
Nor thy lips that breathe perfume,
Nor thine eyes' expressive light,
Bless thy lover's envious sight;
Nor that soothing smile, which cheers
All his tender hopes and fears:
For, as radiant Phœbus streams
O'er the globe with placid beams,
Whirling thro' th' ætherial way
The fiery-axled car of day,
And from the tempestuous sky,
While the rapid coursers fly,
All the stormy clouds are driv'n,
Which deform'd the face of heav'n;
So, thy golden smile, my fair!
Chases ev'ry am'rous care;
Dries the torrents of mine eyes,
Calms my fond, tumultuous sighs.
Oh! hoe emulous the strife
'Twixt my Lips and Eyes, sweet Life!
Of thy charms are These possest,
Those are envious till they're blest:
Think not, then, that, in my love,
I'll be rivall'd e'en by Jove,
When such jealous conflicts rise
'Twixt my very Lips and Eyes.