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While you, Neæra, close entwine
In frequent folds your frame with mine;
And hanging o'er, to view confest,
Your neck, and gently-heaving breast;
Down on my shoulders soft decline
Your beauties more than half divine;
With wand'ring looks that o'er me rove,
And fire the melting soul with love:


While you, Neæra, fondly join
Your little pouting lips with mine,
And frolic bite your am'rous swain,
Complaining soft if bit again;
And sweetly-murm'ring pour along
The trembling accents of your tongue,
Your tongue! now here now there that strays,
Now here now there delighted plays;
That now my humid kisses sips,
Now wanton darts between my lips;
And on my bosom raptur'd lie,
Venting the gently-whisper'd sigh;
A sigh! that kindles warm desires,
And kindly fans life's drooping fires;
Soft as the zephyr's breezy wing,
And balmy as the breath of spring:


While you, sweet Nymph! with am'rous play,
In kisses suck my breath away;
My breath! with wasting warmth replete,
Parch'd by my breast's contagious heat;
Till, breathing soft, you pour again
Returning life thro' ev'ry vein;
And thus elude my passion's rage,
Love's burning fever thus assuage:
Sweet Nymph! whose sweets can best allay
Those fires that on my bosom prey;
Sweet as the cool refreshing gale
That blows when scorching heats prevail!


Then, more than blest, I fondly swear,
"No pow'r can with love's pow'r compare!
"None in the starry court of Jove
"Is greater than the god of love!
"If any can yet greater be,
"Yes, my Neæra! yes, 'tis Thee!"