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The green was creeping o'er the brown,
The skies dropt bluebirds yesterday;
Again today the snow is down,
And spring a thousand miles away.


And here's that mischief March again;
His four wild horses snort and prance;
He rides and pipes his weirdest strain
To lead the snowflakes' goblin dance.


And where is Lady April now?
Deep in the lonely wood she cowers,
Keeping alive--the heart knows how--
O'er her few pale arbutus flowers.


And yet for her the birds sing clear,
A song of May, more sweet than May
To hope amid the storms of fear--
Ah, how divinely dawns the day.


And April's snow's a magic shower,
And April sunshine's fairy gold;
The cloudy drifts like rainbow flower,
Life thrills the blind and breathless mould.


Come April with the violet eyes
And snowdrop face, and dreamful heart;
One laughing look to earth and skies,
And all the world will take thy part.


Thine are the smiles that grow in tears,
Thine the dear hidden hope that springs
Forever fresh from withered years;
And thine the sweetest voice that sings.