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Like a nymph from an ocean of pearls,
Awaking she flies to the hills,
And smiles at her face and her curls
As seen in the mirror-like rills.


Her mantle she wove from the mist
Ere her glittering flight had begun,
And the bracelet that gleams on her wrist
She wrought from the rays of the sun.


And the diamonds that flash in her hair
She plucked from the stars of the night;
And, with lips breathing health on the air,
She kisses the flowers with delight.


And the flowers, clad in purple and gold,
Her favors return with a smile,
And with love all too pure to be told,
And with heart that is guiltless of guile.


And, begemmed with the dews of the sky,
She descends to the silvery lawn,
And surveys with a bright placid eye
The splendors that glitter at dawn.


And she lingers till awed by her sire,
Whose eye, burning eye, seems to chide;
Then hastes from his gaze to retire
With a blush like a beautiful bride;


Yet returns with the dawn of each day,
Ere her sire re-ascends to his throne,
And, delighted, still sprinkles his way
With the jewels that flash in her zone.