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My friend, I may not see your face,
Nor watch each well-remembered grace,
But you will always hold a place


Within my memory; though we stand
So far apart; the sea and land
Divide us; and we clasp not hand.


Yet, dear, I know, though some forget
The past, you will remember yet
The country were we two first met.


Deep in your heart it will remain,
With all its mingled joy and pain;
The past is past, and not in vain.


We would not have it back once more,
From that far-distant silent shore,
Where there is rest for evermore.


Nay, rather let us turn our eyes
To where the future hidden lies
From us. Beneath the clear blue skies


The world may have for you in store
A gift we dream not of; ay, more,
Belov├Ęd, than it gave of yore.


But, dear one, you will ne'er forget
The country where we two first met,
The country that you love so yet.