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Now from their crysalis trance our bulb-loves peer
From brumal bound unprisoned to assume
The hues that speak their forms' penumbra near--
Nigh crystalled prime of this new flower-lit year
Whose tints the prisms of the spring illume.


Here Tulip-cups cheer Flora's advent hours,
Sad Hyacinths bear Apollo's symbolled plaint,
Self-plumed Narcissi vaunt florescent powers--
Join Daffodils, Jonquils--all akin in flowers--
While vernal fingers fresh their petals paint.


Lone Colchicums their plighted leafage show
As earnest of the bloom in autumn shed--
But lily vestals, reflex of the 'parted snow,
Prescient reveal their Resurrection glow--
A halo gleaming round each aureoled head.


Thus souls resurgent in supernal guise,
As bulbs, to life of loftier being cling;
From earth-clad germ to sun-rayed growth arise--
Gazing relumed, intent upon the skies--
Unfading flower in sempiternal Spring!