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There are many kinds of sound
In this noisy world of ours,
Whether simple or compound,
Whether great or small their powers,
There are screeches, howls and groans
To cause our dread alarm,
And soft, mellow, melting tones
With their tranquilizing charm.
Sounds expressive of our grief and woe,
And sounds of mirth when joys the heart o'erflow.
Sounds to please us,
Sounds to tease us,
Or confound us
And astound us.
Or throw a magic spell around us;
Some are mournful, sad and slow,
Some are dulcet, sweet and low;
Soothing as a baby's dream,
Charming, heavenly, melodious;
Some are like a demon's scream,
Grating, harsh, discordant, odious;
Painful sounds which spoil our faces
Causing all sorts of grimaces,
Growls and yells which make us shiver,
Causing every nerve to quiver.
But when fair Cecilia sings
Every heart is filled with love,
While our thoughts on golden wings
Flutter up to joys above.
And then we feel a throbbing at the heart,
And soothing, sympathizing tear drops start
While listening to some sweet angelic voice,
Which captivates the soul
And holds it in control,
While with a joy seraphic we rejoice.
The tuneful choristers in spring
Oft hold their concerts on the wing,
Or in the wild wood or the grove,
Pour forth their liquid notes
And swell their little throats,
And sweetly sing their joyful songs of love.
I love the little warbler's songs,
But to the human voice belongs
The heaven-gifted skill
To hold and bend the will,
And all the soul with love and joy to fill.


The rainbow's heaven-tinted dyes
Illuminate the darkened skies,
Delighting our enraptured eyes;
But pleasures sweeter, purer far,
Than rainbow tints or evening star,
Is heavenly music which inspires
Our grateful lays,
And fans devotion's sacred fires
With songs of praise.
Thrice blissful art,
It calms our fears,
Delights our ears,
And opes the fount of joyous tears,
And sends a thrill of pleasure through the heart.