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Pretty little firefly
Luminous and bright,
Wonder filled my head when I
Saw thee first, by night.
Sparks of living fire seemed
Rising from the ground--
Shortlived tiny meteors gleamed,
Flitting all around.


Will O'the wisp o'er dark morass
Often met my gaze,
And oft this ignis fatuus
Put me in amaze.
But more wonderful the sight
Which around me shone--
Insect fireworks by night,
Gleaming, flitting, gone.


I caught a little firefly,
Sought to know the cause,
How it can its lamp supply?--
What are nature's laws?
But I sadly failed to scan
The infinite design,
Why should either fly or man
Best in darkness shine.


Often did I vainly try
To emit a ray,
But my efforts like this fly
In the light of day
Showed no glowing, Mental light
Others to illume,
Therefore I must wait the night
And shine out of my tomb.