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I often wander back in thought,
To childhood's happy days,
Reviewing each familiar spot--
Scene of my childish plays.


Loved days of innocence and truth,
Unknown to worldly strife,
When in the glow of buoyant youth
I sipped the sweets of life.


Since then along life's weary way,
My onwward course I've trod,
Preserved and kept from day to day,
By my supporting God.


But tho' the past has had its bliss,
It had its days of pain;
For joys in such a world as this,
Are hollow, brief and vain.


Then why should I for pleasures grieve,
Which long have passed away;
Or feel repinings when I leave
Scenes going to decay.


Far better look at joys to come,
And view a fairer sight;
Then ever bless'd my childhood's home,
When days were young and bright.