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Hail! queen of beauty, vernal spring,
We joy to feel thee near;
While twice ten thousand warblers sing
A welcome in thine ear.


Thou breathest on our snow-clad land,
And mountain, grove and plain,
Assume new life at thy command,
To grace thy fav'rite reign.


The little songsters of the grove
Their sweetest concerts sing;
While all around, beneath, above,
Exult to hail thee, spring.


And Flora with her gaudy train,
Comes forth at they command,
To decorate the verdant plain,
And beautify our land.


All nature is one voice of mirth,
Rejoicing in their queen;
And all this variegated earth,
One soul-enchanting scene.


If here we see thee deck'd so gay,
What must that country prove,
Where dwells the spring of endless day
The paradise above!