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What is Samson's boasted strength
Before Delilah's art!
He must yield to her at length
And tell her all his heart.
She has got his secret now,
Got his head upon her lap,
And cuts the locks which shade his brow,
Then wakes him from his nap:


Wakes him from his pleasing sleep
And sells him to his foes;
Now, too late, he comes to reap
The harvest of his woes:
Mocked by cruel enemies,
Fettered with the captive's chain,
He mourns the loss of both his eyes
And groans with inward pain.


Samson's is no lonely case;
We have Delilah's still--
Men who could a lion face,
Yet bend to woman's will,
Men, tho' physically strong,
Made a woman's willing slave,
To vice and ruin urged along,
And dragged down to the grave.


If you wish your strength to keep,
Beware of Samson's nap,
Never lay your head to sleep
Upon Delilah's lap;
She will ply her cunning art,
Making you her easy tool;
And when you've told her all your heart,
She'll spurn you as a fool.