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The shades of night have fallen now,
But clear and full shines out the moon,
And by its side there gleams a star,
Which, were I asked to give a name,
I'd call fair Hope. Calm summer eve!
The trees would seem to hold their breath,
Or softly sing their songs of peace.


O Nature! grand in all thy moods,
And answering to our human need:
Ofttimes so dark and wild thou art,
As if rude tempests shook thy frame;
Anon quite clear and calm again,
And stepping softly as a child!


Unfathomed are the minds of men,
Unspeakable their feelings deep;
We can but search and dimly know,
As if we peered through pale moonlight;
We darkly see, or not at all,
Like helpless children, crying, "where?"