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Step, step, step, 'tis her lover's walk,
She knows his step as well's his talk;
He is the favorite of her choice,
So his step's familiar as his voice.


Step, step, step, she now is wed,
And it is now her husband's tread;
His homeward step it cheers her life,
For she is a kind faithful wife.


But he the husband and yet lover,
His steps at last do cease forever;
And she doth soon hear the tread
Of men who do bear out the dead.


Her heart it now doth throb with pain,
Though she knows sorrow is but vain;
For him she never can recall,
And no more hear his footsteps fall.


But still she hopes he yet will come
And visit her in their old home;
But time approaches, she must die,
Her husband's footsteps she hears nigh.


Step, step, step, we ne'er shall part,
I hear the echo in my heart;
Now happiness dispels the gloom,
Radant with joy my face doth bloom.


Pain and suffering all are past,
She joyous cried he's come at last;
And soon she breathes out her last breath,
He guides her through the vale of death.