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Fairy, flowery, fleeting dreams,
Strange as moonlight's fitful gleams,
Flitting over sorrow's night,
Flooding it with sudden light;
Flowers of fancy! could ye rest
Constant in the human breast!


Wondrous, eery, wavering dreams,
Weird as hazy moonlight streams,
Hailing from--we know not where,
Falling softly into air,
Wandering far through worlds above,
Lost in clouds of light and love!


Weary, woeful, wasting dreams,
Pensive as pale moonlight beams,
Anxious, through some bitter loss,
Seeking shadows of the cross,
Searching haunts of memory,
Pondering life's mystery!

* * * * *

Calm and cold--too chill for dreams;
Death o'er Life--the end--it seems;
Cheerless sky and rayless mind--
This, the all for human kind?
Moons shall rise and moons shall set,
Worlds revolving, we shall yet
Dream again, and, dreaming, soar,
Wondering, dreaming, more and more!