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Summer's lovely meadows green,
Sylvan shades and fairy bowers,
Dewy dawns and eves serene,
Balmy air and pretty flowers,--
All these sweets will soon be gone,
Fading, dying one by one.


Autumn breathes a colder breath,
Warning us of winter's chill--
Nature passes on to death,
Beautiful in dying still,--
Cheeks aglowing in decay,
Blushing as they fade away.


Could there be a grander sight,
Than our forests' rainbow tints,
Glancing, changing in the light,
Fairer far than colour'd prints,--
Surely death cannot be grief,
To that rosy maple leaf.


Emblem of my fleeting days,
Verdant, change, frail and brief,--
O! that as my strength decays,
I may show the maple leaf--
Fair in every passing stage,
Still more beautiful in age.