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Little star so brightly shining
Through my window-pane tonight,
Bringing down to earth a message,
From that distant world of light.


Would that I might read the record
Which within thy beams doth lie,
Learn the story of the dwellers
In that distant azure sky.


Sun and moon and stars are yonder,
Death and life--a dual play;
This, perchance, thy ghost that wanders
Over space to earth today.


Or doth further glory wait thee?
Shalt thou distant ├Žons see,
Be the queen of night and beauty,
When our earth no more shall be?


Grow until thou reach a splendour,
Which the earth hath never seen?
Be the dwelling of a nobler,
Higher race than yet hath been?


Little star! thy brightness dazzles
Me with many a subtle ray;
Charms my willing fancy, leads it
O'er thy airy path away.