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Welcome, welcome, lovely fairy!
Welcome to both sea and land!
Earth was cold and dull and dreary,
Till thou wav'dst thy magic wand.
Ev'rywhere thy footstep boundeth,
Love and joy and song resoundeth!


Nature at thy presence blushes;
Deserts bloom where thou hast been;
Beauty o'er the mountain rushes;
Welcome, welcome, fairy queen!
Laughing spirits give thee meeting,
With triumphant songs of greeting!


Darling child of light and ether!
Brightest spirit earth can boast!
Let us trip the world together,
Trying which can grace it most;
Thou, with thy transcendent beauty!
I, with every act of duty!


What has earth that thou can'st cherish?
Aught her teeming bosom gives?
All her fair ones early perish;
Ev'rything departs that lives;
All that loving hearts hold dearest,
To decay is ever nearest.


See, the wreaths of beauteous flowers
Which thou bringest, quickly fade;
The downy clouds, thy nurs'ry bowers,
Melt in light--dissolve in shade--
Oh, what is here that thou can'st love,
When heav'n's eternal spring above?


Hie thee, Spirit of the mountains,
Wake the mirth, and kindle song,
Sleeping in the languid fountains;--
Hie thee! hie thee! haste along!
Hark, hark! I hear a chorus break--
One loud proclaim--"We wake! we wake!"