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Behold the drapery of the night!
A fleecy flame 'midst opal light.
An etching limned with shafts of gold,
That twilight's alchemy unrolled.
Swift-changing vista of the West,
To couch a day that slips to rest.
The sun-kissed pipes of glory fade,
As music of the skies is played;
While evening-star hangs lone and wan,
In russet dusk, where shadows dawn.
Oh, wondrous eye that sees the night
And sees it best in sunset's light!
Oh, wondrous eye that sees the day,
And finds it best in slanting ray!
What prayers to read the day aright
Yet find no message in the night!


So ends my day, my life of love,
Whose silver cords reach Heaven above,
And hold within time's golden bowl,
The nameless passion of my soul.
Some call me grief, more call me joy.
Could rainbows in a tear annoy?
I know not which was best for me
The heat of noon, or twilight's glee.
But this I know, and night acclaims,
No day's complete lest love remains,
Oh, lustrous eye that sees the night!
I wonder hast thou read aright;
And if thine eye that sees the day
Hath found love's meaning in my way?
Behold the drapery of the night,
When love's sweet day hath ta'en its flight!