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The soul feels kindred in the light of stars,
And draws unto their glory, near and far--
The big orb'd glow of Jupiter and Mars,
To yonder winking, weak-eyed star,
That weeps alone in the cold north,
A lowly one of neglected worth.
And Venus, the queen star, that tempts, at eve,
Young hearts to worship in the west, and weave
Sweet thoughts into sweet songs,
Musing upon the love of woman--
Fine dream that most belongs
To the melting hour of gloamin':--
Or when, like spirit rising from the sea,
She comes at morn to wake the sleeping earth,
And breathes her sweet breath o'er the drowsy lea,
While waken'd mountains pant with hope, as forth
She comes to tell them of the breaking day,
And larks are up and carol in her ray.


Good orbs, we cannot love enough your light!
It bathes our gazing eyes till their thick sight
Sees God; and then we know, or dream,
Of higher being, closer life with Him:
And seeing you, so silent and serene,
O'erwatching us, we wonder what can mean
Our earth, our life, our little history,
So full of bustle, so unlike to ye.--
We who are tied to earth see only part,
Which seems confusion: when the unbound heart
Gets into higher place, then more is seen:--
Among the stars, we'll see what earth doth mean.


Light draws unto it darkness--we are dark--
And whilst our eyes draw to the stars, and mark
This fascination in the face of night,
Our souls draw to a light within starlight.
And darkness, drawn to light, grows light; our eyes,
Our souls, grow light; and all that near them lies
Is brought within the lustre of their sphere,
Till earth and life grow beautifully clear.