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Dear lord, make me a lamp to shine,
And spread a gracious light;
Though I may be in spirit poor.
Let Heaven's lamp burn bright.


Oh, that this needy bowl unfilled
Might from Thy holy word
The oil of comfort freely draw
With love's absorbing cord.


Grant me a place my lamp to stand,
That shedding light around
I may inherit earth's blessed sphere
Where faith and love abound.


Grant most of all Thy holy fire
To set the lamp alight.
My hungry soul implores Thy grace
That I may burn aright.


Thus in great wisdom may I shine,
And bless in mercy they
Who sit in darkness 'midst the light,
Yet need to know Thy way.


Then shall I mercy, too, obtain,
Because undimmed I shine,
And with a pure heart manifest
That Thou, O God, art mine.


The gate of Heaven would I light
For those in ways of sin,
To show them where the Sons of God
In peace go safely in.


And if too brightly seems my light
To shine for weaker eyes,
Make them to bless who persecute,
And blindly criticize.


To claim Thy heavenly kingdom, Lord,
I would be wholly thine;
Rejoicing that Thy loving grace
Still lets my poor light shine.


That men may see in hearts aflame
How good works multiply,
And unto Thee give all the praise,
And ever glorify.