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Like an azure vein from the heart of the main,
Pulsing with joy forever,
By verdurous Isles, with dimpled smiles,
Floweth my native river.


Singing a song as it flows along,
Hushed by the Ice-king never;
For he strives in vain to clasp a chain
O'er thy fetterless heart, brave river!


Singing to me as full and free
As it sang to the dusky daughters,
When the light canoe like a sea-bird flew
Over its peaceful waters;


Or when by the shore of Sagamore
They joined in their mystic dances;
Where the lover's vow is whispered now,
By the light of maiden glances.


O, when the dart shall strike my heart,
Speeding from Death's full quiver,
May I close my eyes where smiling skies
Bend o'er my native river.