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Restless phantoms haunt my brain!
Come and ease my nameless pain,
Sleep--sweet sleep.
I would own thy gentle power;
It is midnight's holy hour;
Wave thy charmed wand over me,
Let thy mantle cover me,
Sleep--sweet sleep!


Clasp me in thy dusky arms,
Soothe me with thy mystic balms,
Sleep--sweet sleep.
Let me drink thy letheon wine,
Press thy dewy lips to mine,
Fold my hands and close my eyes,
Bring me dreams of Paradise,
Sleep--sweet sleep.


Linger with me till the dawn,
Leave me not till day is born,
Sleep--sweet sleep;
Then shall gates of rosy light
Open for thy silent flight.
Ah! some time thou'lt come, I know,
To my heart, and never go,
Sleep--sweet sleep!