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Once more across the weary earth
Shines out the Bethlehem star,
Once more the day of Jesus' birth
Swings heavenly doors ajar;
And even lips that seldom sing
Take up the olden strain
Of, "Peace on earth, good-will to men,"
The world is glad again.


The chimes ring clear from steeple bells
Across the noise and strife,
And angels music softly swells
The jarring chords of life;
Sweet "Peace on earth," the children sing,
"Good-will to men"--the old--
Ah! Christmas day, thy gift should bring
To earth the age of gold.


"Glory to God," the carol high
Is like a seraph song,
But ever through it beats the sigh
Of human pain and wrong:
The reign of righteousness and peace
Has tarried, O so long!


'T is not enough that Christ was born,
Beneath the star that shone,
And earth was set that fairest moon,
Within a golden zone;
He must be born within the heart
Before he finds his throne,
And brings the day of love and good
The reign of Christlike brotherhood.