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The night of ages is passing away,
Yet the dawn of Atlantis shines afar,
Where the mind of man like a perfect day
Beams out on the earth like a morning star.


There is nothing new, there is nothing old,
In this beautiful world so fresh and free;
The mountains are filled with silver and gold
As they came from the hand of Destiny.


The hills and the vales will blossom in spring,
The ocean will roar with a sullen cry;
Old Time in his flight, with a restless wing,
Shall whir o'er the dead without pity or sigh.


So the sun will rise and the sun will set,
And stars will bejewel the upper blue,
And the earthquake shock like a gaping net
Will swallow together the false and true.


I hear a voice o'er the rolling deep,
And catch a glimpse of that far-off shore,
Where men and women will never weep,
In the new Atlantis, forevermore.