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Away! away! we will sail the sea,
To find some sweet and flowery isle,
In the waste of waters, far and free
From worldly grief and worldling's guile;
Where the earth blooms ever fair beneath,
The smile of a genial sky above,
There no more the bitter sigh to breathe,
But in bowers of bliss to live and love!


O! may our barque, with favouring gale,
A haven reach on such a shore,
Like the Edens traced in eastern tale,
Or the fairly lands of fabled lore;
Where life would be one delicious dream
Of the after bliss we hope above,
Reflecting, like some stainless stream,
The hues of heaven, the light of love!


Without regard, and without regret,
We'll quit all we have valued here,
Our wrongs forgive, and our woes forget,
In the joy and peace of another sphere;
Where the morning breaks with an angel's smile,
And the eve descends like a dark-wing'd dove,
O! for a home in that sinless isle,
In its bowers of bliss to live and love!