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Kneeling at her window,
Solemn eyes uplifted
To blue skies, where sunbeams
Through soft clouds are sifted.


Two hands clasped together,
Mute lips sweet and pleading;
Looking in the future,
Life's great problem reading.


Looking in the future,
With a silent yearning;
Little in the distance
Are thine eyes discerning.


No faint answer cometh,
From the deep blue zenith,
To thy heart's deep question
What thy future meaneth.


Lady, like an angel's
Is thine upturned face;
Thou hast surely wandered
From thy natal place.


Lost thy way and straying
From the pearly portals;
The way back forgetting,
Cast thy lot with mortals.


Well mayst thou be kneeling,
With thine eyes uplifted;
To a troubled ocean
Hath thy life-barque drifted.


Midst life's earliest promise,
Twineth sorrow's omen;
Thou hast taken up the new,
Untried lot of woman.


Looking in the future,
Lady, may the years
Bring thee hopes to triumph
Over all thy fears.


But should they deny thee
Thy life's happiness,
Prove thine angel mission,
Other lives to bless.


Trust no smiling fortune,
Fear no frowning fate;
While the present calleth,
Let the future wait.


Now a still voice whispers:
"Cast on Me thy care";
Kneeling at thy window
Lift thine eyes in prayer.