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The fool hath said, "There is no God"
But Wisdom, hour by hour,
Proclaimeth over land and sea
In sweet unbroken harmony
His glory, love and power.


Who formed the earth, who built the sky,
Who planned the circling year?
Seed time and harvest roll around
We listen--but no jarring sound
In Time's great wheels we hear.


Day unto day, night unto night,
For toil and rest designed;
Surely some living mind hath thought
Who spake a universe from naught
Had more than mortal mind.


Some sculptor hath hand formed the earth,
Some architect
Hath reared the heavens to their height,
Some artist with his colors bright
All nature decked.


Who wrought the delicate design
Of leaf and bud?
Who is the bird his music taught,
If as the blinded fool hath thought
There is no God?


Who shall avenge the innocent
Whose speaking blood
Cries from the ground wronged Nature's curse
If in the boundless universe
There is no God?


And who fulfill those hopes that pant
Through fire and flood?
What solace can they give instead
Who with the blinded fool have said:
"There is no God?"


"There is no God," the fool hath said,
On earth's green sod;
But Wisdom speaks from earth to sky
And sings from world to world on high
There is a God.