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Poets have sung of the spirit realm
And sages discoursed in tones sublime
Of the land where the saints and angels dwell,
And today their thoughts flood the isles of time.


But what do we know of the great unknown!
Though we listen in rapture to song and speech,
The bard and the prophet went forth alone
To learn what they one day strove to teach.


What though their names honor the scroll of fame
And are uttered by thousands o'er sea and land,
Go read on cold sculptured stones the names
Of those who strove vainly to understand.


O problem, solved on the other side
By those who have passed through the pearly gate!
Martyrs have sung of the joys and died
But gave not a glimpse of the soul's estate.


Doubtless they comprehend the whole
Of the mystery we fain would know,
But alas! though measureless ages roll
They return no more to this world below.


Full many a lofty line and page
Have life's earnest workers left behind,
But oh, for a glimpse of their heritage
In the realms they journeyed forth to find.


We may search for the secrets of the deep,
We may study the stellar worlds on high;
But not 'til our eyes close in endless sleep
Shall we fathom the things that our search defy.


We only know a great mystery,
Unknown to us now, shall be known some day,
When with clearer vision our eyes shall see
THe mists of uncertainty rolled away.


O revelation, beyond all thought!
When the old shall perish before the new,
How narrow the knowledge time has taught,
When mortals shall know as the angels do.