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The war-song and the battle-hymn
Their stirring notes have stilled;
That oft in vally, ghastly grim,
Brave soldier-hearts have thrilled.
Then wake a new and nobler strain,
And may it never cease;
A better song, a sweeter song,
The glorious song of Peace.


Within our country's broadest bound
Is seen no martialed host;
No wrathful cannon's roars resound
To quake from coast to coast.
No wounded soldier waits his end,
No captive his release;
No anxious, troubled guards defend
The blessed throne of Peace.


But Youth goes forth to fight and win,
Where no red sabers shine;
And Age rejoices that war's din
Jars not on life's decline.
And Love, whose heart-strings were her chains,
Smiles in war's long surcease;
Whose tears were blood, a princess reigns,
In all the realm of Peace.


In war--a country's hopes stagnate,
In war--her strong are slain.
In war--dark evils desecrate
Her council hall and fane.
In war--with wings of omen dark
Her wrongs and debts increase,
Prosperity and progress mark
The golden realm of Peace.


Then swell the chorus loud and long
'Till it reverberates,
Thanksgiving hymn and natal song,
Of our United States.
And be ouro nation's greatest boast,
O'er wrong and hate's decrease;
To louder swell from coast to coast,
The triumph song of Peace.