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Evil Enchantress spread thy raven wings,
Thy demon wings;
Touch not my spirit with thy venomed stings,
Thy viper stings;
Far in the night the bird of sorrow sings,
So sadly sings.


I turn to gaze on Hope as on a star,
A distant star;
And feel thy touch my inner vision mar,
So sadly mar;
That o'er her beauty burns an awful scar,
A deep, dark, scar.


Evil Enchantress, thy despised caress,
Thy fell caress;
My soul hath shunned for only Hope could bless,
With gladness bless;
Shall I, thy dread, unearthly power confess,
At last confess?


No; by the heavens above me, no,
I answer "No."
Go from my spirit, dark destroyer, go,
With trembling go;
Let not my soul thy baleful presence know,
Thy blighting know.


Arise, bright angel, Hope, once more arise,
In joy arise;
Cast off the heavy cloud of thy disguise,
Thy dark disguise;
Illumine the far future's farthest skies,
The glorious skies.


Pierce with thy beams my darkly troubled breast,
My aching breast;
Hasten to flight its dark-winged demon-guest,
Its transient guest;
And calm with hallowed breath its wild unrest,
Its deep unrest.


Pass o'er the portals of my soul tonight,
So dark tonight;
Put the red demon of Despair to flight,
To endless flight;
Abide therein, exalted, pure and bright,
Undimmed and bright.