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Unearthly monster that with fiery eyes
  In anger glaring
Mocks sullenly the looks and hopeless cries
  Of deep despairing,
Art thou a demon from whose evil heart
  Roll fire and ashes
'Till to destruction every writhing part
  Thine anger dashes?
Morn saw thy walls in strength and beauty stand
  And rich with treasure,
Eve shall behold thy smoldering ashes fanned
  In fiendish pleasure.
With crash on crash, the solid hold gives way
  Of beam and rafter
While the fierce flames devour their helpless prey
  With mocking laughter,
Great oceans lock the gates along their shores
  While blazing structures totter
Rivers and lakes are sealed though man implores
  The blessed boon of water,
Cool clouds float overhead but powerless all
  The raindrops beating--
None saw the mystic writing on the wall
  'Till Hope's defeating.
A hurried sound, the victor's final blow
  Resounding loudly,
A death-like hush and all is lying low
  That rose so proudly;
Blighted and blasted like a fragile flower
  Consumed e'en as it flashes,
Unconquered foe, recorded is thy power
  In dust and ashes.
Ah! still the hand that on Belshazzar's walls
  Doomed grandeur's station
In lines of flame on human glory falls
  With plain interpretation;
Lo, thus shall perish with consuming heat
  All earthly treasure
Before whose ashes yet shall pause the feet
  Of reckless pleasure.