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(parts stolen from WWII letters)

so we decided
i guess it was the right time to decide
the right time and all
a face and pictures
just one step more
curving over the same cliff
in the war i flew reconnaissance
no weapons
just watching
and pictures
taking pictures
of trees and ammo dumps
all those trees
to bomb the ammo dumps
we lived and died
for the ammo dumps
and sometimes
driving to work
i see those ammo dumps
hidden among the trees
and i call in the co-ordinates
as the engine
holds me up
and then morning
and breakfast
and the empty chairs
(i'm counting by names)
and then i wake
(but i'm still counting)
and there's always a window
why do they put them there?
in need of breaking
of making a sharp edge
that speaks of blood
(and falling)
i can't look
there's always a window there
pleading for me
to end its pain