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Angel with the noiseless wings
Meek and gentle presence, thou,
Waiting life's uncertain things,
How I need thy guidance now;
Thou, from Heaven's own pearly gate,
Teach my restless heart to wait.


Oh, to wait when ships that sailed
Cheer our anxious sight, no more;
Oh, to wait when all unveiled,
Lie the mountain steeps before!
Patience, thine own peace create,
Teach me patiently to wait.


Let no murmur of complaint
Breathe its thankless breath to heaven,
Let my spirit scorn to faint
Though its fondest hope be riven.
Heeding not the myth of fate,
Oh, to truly work and wait!


Every blossom waits for rain,
Every bird for Spring's return;
Waiting now, I would again
Strive their precious trust to learn;
Trusting, though the dawn be late,
Trusting patiently, I wait.


Waiting while the days glide by
For life's blessing or its bane,
Though the seasons bloom and die
Patience never waits in vain;
Father, just outside the gate
Trusting Thee, I calmly wait.