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Beautiful leaves of Autumn,
With the sunset hues they vie;
Gems for the glorious setting
Of the pale and pensive sky.
Bright as the flaming opals,
That gleam in the amber West,
Is the Autumn's rich creation
Of gold and amethyst.


Beautiful leaves of Autumn,
How brief is their rich display;
Like all other earthly glories
They must perish and decay.
And where through the lovely summer,
They hung in their stations high;
Trodden by careless footsteps,
Their moldering forms shall lie.


Beautiful leaves of Autumn,
They are robed for an early bier;
Destined to fade and wither
On the grave of the dying year.
And a strange sweet theme of sadness,
With their gorgeous splendor weaves
For all, yes all that is earthly
Doth fade like the Autumn leaves.


Beautiful leaves of Autumn,
Where the breezes of Spring rejoice;
The Autumn winds are chanting,
In a sadder, sweeter voice.
And while in gorgeous splendor,
The Summer glories wane;
In plaintive tones they murmur
Their soul-subduing strain.


Beautiful leaves of Autumn,
Glowing with hectic hues;
Dripping with pearly rain-drops,
Or laden with honey-dews.
Bright is your reign of beauty,
But beauty is always brief;
And human pride and glory,
Shall fade like an Autumn leaf.


Beautiful woods of Autumn,
I love your pensive shades;
Where each silent aisle of brightness,
A solemn air pervades.
'Till I pause midst the fading beauty,
So gorgeous and so brief;
And say with the ancient prophet:
"We all do fade as a leaf."